Shadow Cacnea

Shadow Mudkip under the rain

Pokemon GO Community Day Trapinch

Shiny Groudon

Shiny Gardevoir and Shiny Gallade

Pokemon GO Community Day: Slakoth

Adventure Week 2019: Nosepass

Pokemon GO Community Day: Torchic

Detective Pikachu Event: Ludicolo

Pokemon-dominated Saturday

#GOsnapshot Challenge: Habitat Challenge

Pokemon GO Community Day: Bagon

Meet my new colleague: Bagon

Original Forme Giratina

Pokemon GO Sunday

Bug Out 2019: Cascoon

Bug Out 2019: Wurmple

Happy Caturday!

April Fool's Day 2019: Pikachu Photobomb

Lotad Research Day: Shiny Lotad, Lombre, and Ludicolo