Pokemon GO Community Day Gible: My Experience

This is one of the best Pokemon GO Community Day for me. To be fair, I think this is the first Community Day that I played for more than two hours since the pandemic.

Please refer to this post for details on bonuses (like 3x XP for catching a Pokemon) for the event today.

How many Gible caught?

I started the event with 50 seen, and 50 caught Gible. After playing for five hours, I have encountered 410 Gible and caught 397.
  • I caught 2 100% IV (perfect) Gible.
  • I caught 18 shiny Gible.
This is the most number of shiny I caught during a Pokemon GO Community Day. It was raining and cloudy all day in Vancouver, so it wasn't the best idea to go out, but we did. We went to a nearby park where three PokeStops are easily reachable so we can replenish our bags.

Triple XP

In five hours of playing and using three Lucky Eggs, I gained 442,885 XP. I needed more to Level Up, but as hubby likes to say, there's no pressure in levelling up. Let's just enjoy the game.

Pokemon GO Snapshot

Taking Snapshot of Gible and its evolution are so amusing. I showed hubby the pictures I took, and he said Gible looks like a baby Godzilla. 😂 

Let's start with Gible almost as tall as the trees!

Gabite blocking cars!

Garchomp looking to attack the city, but Gible photobombing makes it look like a comedy show than action.

Run for your lives! Garchomp is here!

I can't wait for the next Pokemon GO Community Day!