Pokémon GO Battle League Season 8: Great League Day 1 Team Review

It's the first day of season 8 of the Pokémon GO Battle League (GBL). In this post, I will share data and testing results based on the team that I try. If you want me to try a certain combination of Pokémon, please comment below.

I am currently enjoying this group of Pokémon: Altaria, Galar Stunfisk, and Azumarill. I will change their order and see if the type of Pokémon I encounter will be different based on the "Lead" Pokemon.

Team 1 order 1: Altaria, Galar Stunfisk, and Azumarill

Out of the 25 battles available today, I only won 16 times. I am unhappy about that result. I consider a good team that wins at least 70% of the time, and this combination and order have only won 64%.

One of my losses is because I got distracted with work, while the other is because of extreme lag (just a reality of GBL).

Counting the number of Pokémon I encountered per type and comparing it against what my team is vulnerable to, I am surprised by the result. 

I encountered 10 water-type Pokémon, and the only explanation I could think of is that water-type has a second type. Only Galarian Stunfisk is vulnerable to water-type.

The next type is Electric which makes sense because both Altaria and Azumarill are vulnerable to it. The next three are fighting, fire, and grass, with seven encounters each. Fighting and Fire are strong against steel (Galarian Stanfisk), but it's vulnerable against flying (Altaria) and water (Azumarill), respectively. The Grass-type is strong against both Azumarill and Galarian Stanfisk, so when their second or third Pokemon is a Grass-type, I am vulnerable.

All Battles by Type

Battles Won by Type

The battles won by type make sense. For the lead Pokemon, Grass and Fighting are weak against Flying (Altaria). For the second match-up, Electric, Fairy, and Ice are vulnerable to Ground and Steel-type (Galarian Stanfisk). Lastly, for the third Pokemon, Fire is weak against Water (Azumarill).

Battles Lost by Type

I lost nine times, and four of those have a Rock and Water-type as the first Pokemon. Rock type is strong against Flying, which makes Altaria vulnerable. The Water-type must either have an Ice-type move for it to defeat Altaria.

The second match-up is amusing because both Battles Won and Battles Lost chart show Electric as most frequent.

The third match-up is 3x Fighting. Either, Azumarill was already defeated, and I only have Galarian Stanfisk left, or it is a Fighting plus a second type move that makes Azumarill vulnerable.

Team 1 version 2: Galar Stunfisk, Azumarill, and Altaria

Using hubby's Pokemon GO account, I used the same team but changed the order. This time I start with Galar Stunfisk. With this order, I won 17 out of 25 (68%).

All Battles

Based on this chart, by changing the lead Pokemon from Altaria to Stunfisk, the most frequent Pokemon type I encounter, changes from Water-type to Fire-type. However, Water-type is not that far behind.

All Battles by Lead

Battles Won by Type

Battles Lost by Type

I lost eight times with this team, and as expected, the lead Pokemon types of my opponents are Water-Type and Ice-Type. Galarian Stunfisk is vulnerable to both! It also seems like Azumarill and Altaria can't handle Grass-Type Pokemon. The second and third type in the battles I lost is confusing.

This is just the first day of analysis. I will update this post or create a new one as I do more battles. Unless I get distracted by something else.

All screenshots are taken from my new favourite app: gobattlelog.com.