Pokemon Go Fest 2020 GO Snapshot of my New Shiny!

I enjoyed the last two days! I haven't played this much in a long time. We're lucky not to experience any lags or issues. I did better with Shiny than hubby. Below is a list of the 16 Shiny Pokemon I caught in the last two days.

New Shiny


Shiny Poliwag Pokemon GO Snapshot AR
Shiny Poliwag

Exeggutor (Alola) x2

Shiny Exeggutor from Alola Region
Can you spot the Exeggutor in the middle of the trees?

Shiny Exeggutor from Alola Region


Shiny Sableye
Shiny Sableye

Grimer (Alola) x2

I will evolve one to Muk.

Shiny Grimer (Alola)

Marowak (Alola)

Shiny Marowak (Alola)

Snover x2

I will evolve one to Abomasnow.

Shiny Snover

I don't think Snover is too pleased to be photobombed.


Shiny "O" Unown


I don't think Heatmor is happy to be photobombed by these two. I honestly think that Rotom is working with Team Go Rocket with all the shenanigan.

Shiny Heatmor


Last shiny for the event.

Shiny Tangela

Existing Shiny

These are Pokemon I already have a Shiny of, but I got more during the event.

Mudkip x2

I didn't take an AR of Mudkip.


But here is one with Slakoth.

Shiny Slakoth

I hope you enjoyed Pokemon Go Fest 2020!