Thoughts on Pokemon Go A Colossal Discovery event

Is guaranteed access to Regigigas worth the money?

A Colossal Discovery is a unique event available globally where Pokemon Go players pay USD 7.99 (or whatever amount is equivalent to your currency, in our case, it's CA$10.99).

Before the event

Hubby and I discuss whether we should get the ticket or not. I told him that we should wait until feedback from players in Australia and earlier timezones to see if it's worth it. We also read through the information about what quests need to be done and whether the rewards are worth it. We purchased our tickets on Friday night.


I believe players complaining didn't patiently wait for more information before buying their tickets to know what they're getting into.


As soon as we purchased our tickets, I went into Discord to see any chatter and interest in our neighbourhood. Thankfully, a group is forming, and we'll join a group with people we know, and we'll go to places we're already familiar with.


Since I read through information from and other sites, I knew that evolving seven rock, seven ice, and seven steel is one of the tasks. The night before, we started labelling and catching Pokemon to make sure we can move forward through the quest as quickly as possible.

During the event

We woke up way too early for a Saturday morning and waiting for the event to start felt like forever. Anyway, we left our place at 10:15 AM and started working in the general direction of available raids that will still be going on by 11:00 AM. We coordinated with other players, and we're off! We did eleven raids in about 2 hours.

Shiny Results

You only go through these things because of the Shiny (well, at least, I do). I didn't encounter any Shiny Pokemon, but hubby had one Shiny Regirock, and on our last raid for the day, he had a Shiny Registeel.

Hubby's Shiny Regirock 
Hubby's Shiny Registeele

Encounter Rewards

The rewards for the Special quests are Cranidos, Tyranitar, Lapras, Abomasnow, Shieldon, and Steelix. Some of them do not have good stats. However, all is forgiven because my Regigigas is perfect!


Was it worth it, and if they do something like this in the future, will I do it again?

I realized from this event that Pokemon Go is targeted for people who can afford a decent smartphone to run the game and constant internet connection (i.e. data service).

From a practical standpoint, is CA$10.99 worth it for 10 raid passes that can only be used from 11 AM to 7 PM? If I do the math, 1 premium raid pass is CA$0.99 and will only cost $9.90. However, this includes an exclusive pose, 1 Star Piece, and 20 Great Balls as rewards.


Is it worth it?

Honestly, no. Don't get me wrong, it was fun to grind and walk around the city with fellow players, but I could use that same amount and buy premium raid passes which I can use anywhere and anytime. I'm not really interested in the pose. Though, guaranteed Regigigas was good since we don't do EX-Raids. I'm really after the Shiny and was willing to spend for raid passes to get all three Shiny Regi.

Registeel is blocking the sidewalk.

Will I do it again?

Yes. Why? It's fun, and that's the whole point of the game! To make sure we get up and go and explore the world around us. I also spend money on the game already (i.e. Legendary 3-hour raid walks), and from a budget standpoint, this is like that.


How can it be better?

I wish they'll just give the ten raid pass and not make it available for use during the event window. 

I remember this event being promoted like "Pokemon GO Fest wherever you are." It seems to be true for folks like us in a big city with a lot of players and a lot of gyms, but I would imagine people who don't want to do the social aspect of the game or who live in rural areas not enjoying or participating.


I wish there are more things to do, but I understand why they did something that can be finished in two hours. Really, if I paid for Pokemon GO Fest, I would expect to see increase spawn and higher shiny chances. Part of me also wishes for guaranteed shiny, but that just ruins it because everyone will have one.

Overall, I had a great time today.