Pokemon GO Safari Zone Sentosa: Shiny Result

During the Pokemon GO Safari Zone in Sentosa, Singapore, they released Shiny Shuckle and Shiny Lapras.


Globally, between April 20 from 6:00 AM to April 21 10:00 PM (local timezone), there is an increased spawn of Shuckle in the wild. Moreover, it has been reported that when you encounter a Lapras when completing the "Win 5 Gym Battle" quest, it's possible to get a Shiny Lapras. Out of the thousands of Pokestop in Vancouver, there's the only one that has that quest, and it's more east than where we usually go.

Unfortunately, we (my hubby and I) didn't get so lucky, as we didn't catch a Shiny Shuckle. Hopefully, there's a Lapras reward near us so we can encounter a Lapras for a chance of getting a shiny.