Lotad Research Day: Shiny Lotad, Lombre, and Ludicolo

Yesterday is Lotad Research Day. We started the event at 11 AM but had family lunch from 12 NN to 2 PM. Then, by 2:30 PM we were in Queen Elizabeth Park which has more than 20 Pokestop.

Shiny Lotad

We left there at 5:00 PM. I caught 3 Shiny Lotad while bitterpineapple has 2. Afterward, we went to Science World with the 5 Pokestop close to each other. He found one more Shiny, and we're good for the day. Finally!

Shiny Lombre

I was exhausted. I caught another Shiny Lotad while on the bus going to Downtown Vancouver.

Shiny Ludicolo

It was such a great day. Final count: bitterpinapple 4 out of 90 Lotad while I'm 4 out of 79. I caught two hundred IV - one shiny and another non-shiny.