Monday with Masquerain

Monday with Mawile

Monday Magneton

Beautiful Mightyena

Omanyte sidewalk

Friday with Grimer

Feebas needs coffee this Friday

Lucky Lairon


Spot Caterpie

Waiting Tangela

Unhappy Ursaring

Venomoth flying fast

Golduck in the Grass

View from bus: Snubbull, Solrock,

Summer Zubat

Spinarak taking over!


Sidewalk Wooper

Krabby in the middle of the road


Krabby near the upside down statue

Ponyta bringing summer heat

Tired but still smiling Wigglytuff

Giant Tentacruel

Gastly haunting house

Voltorb in the sidewalk

Dancing Nidoking

Anorith with a Canada Goose

Shiny Magikarp!

Garbage and Gulpin

Blooming Bellsprout

Aipom window shopping

Industrial Revolution with Skarmary

Who will throw a Magikarp?!

Mr. Wobbuffet

Wiggly Wurmple

Blooming Vileplume during summer

King of the sea!

Koffing enjoying summer

Duck, Duck, Goose with Psyduck