Spot Sassy Roselia

Sentret Shopping at Shoppers


Girafarig at local park

Grimer from the Trash Bin

Slowpoke is trap!

Sudowoodo acting cool

Taunting Tauros

Worthwile Mawile

Grand Entrance by Kabuto

Regice on a hot summer day

Lileep hanging out with Alolan Exeggutor

Bellsprout at Queen Elizabeth Park

Mudkip enjoying the rain

Baltoy enjoying the drizzle

Wurmple like a worm

Staring Stantler

Seedot fell from a tree

Pidgeotto grabbing a man

Chic Torchic near the sidewalk


Voltorb providing power at work

Lickitung found in park

June Community Day: Larvitar

Char! Char! Charmander

Run for your lives! It's a wild Tauros

Who left exEGGcute?


My first Muk

Vancouver Tour: Latios near Normal School and City Hall

Oddish standing still

Sandshrew wants flower

Vancouver Tour: Latios near Vancouver General Hospital

Magnemite says hello

Abra at Kitsilano Community Garden

Ninetales at Kistilano Community Garden

Sandshrew at Kitsilano Community Garden

Bellsprout at Kitsilano Community Garden

Poliwag near Kitsilano Community Garden

Doduo at Kitsilano Community Garden

Zapdos Week: Third catching Goose

Cyndaquil at Delamont Park